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What type of sites can I host?

May 31, 2008     0 comments

We host just about any personal or business site. Sites We do NOT allow are irc sites, hate, warez, illegal content, software trading, download libraries, chat room programs, or spam related sites/programs and sites containing banned materials. Sites hosting this type of material are subject to immediate termination without refund. LEGAL Adult sites are allowed, if your site came with adult content enabled*, or you added this feature on. A disclaimer page must be on any adult site, and only sites with LEGAL content are allowed. With FFMPEG* YOU CAN HOST YOUTUBE CLONE WEBSITES!   *optional upgrade available on some plans. You MUST have your site FFMPEG enabled or Adult enabled in order to use these feature. Any site attempting to bypass these options without having it enabled, may have their site suspended or terminated without notice.

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